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Altrans Postal Solutions Rules & Regulation

Conditions of Contract of Carriage

Altrans Postal Solutions, Inc. (Altrans)

  1. Acceptance and Agreement

By giving us this shipment, you (the shipper) agree to these Conditions of Contract of Carriage. These conditions cannot be changed by any Altrans agent or employee. You also agree that this shipping document cannot be negotiated and that you prepared it. You certify and confirm to Altrans that all information on the waybill is complete and accurate.

We agree that the conditions of carriage for this shipment are based on Altrans’s tariffs. These tariffs can be reviewed at our offices and are incorporated into this contract. Please note: Shipper, in this agreement, refers to the party from whom we accept the shipment for transportation. This waybill overrides and cancels any claimed, alleged, or asserted verbal agreement, promise, representation, or understanding between the parties regarding this shipment, except for any written contract between the shipper and Altrans.

  1. Shipper Responsibilities

You warrant that each package in this shipment is:

  • Accurately and fully described on the waybill.
  • Properly marked and addressed.
  • Packaged well enough to protect the enclosed goods during transportation with normal care.
  • In good condition unless noted otherwise.

Note: A shipment where delivery is made in exchange for a clear (no exceptions) delivery receipt is considered strong evidence that normal care was used in handling. You are responsible for all charges, including transportation costs, duties, customs, assessments, government fines and penalties, taxes, and legal expenses related to this shipment.

  1. Delivery Exceptions

At the time of delivery, the recipient must note any issues with the shipping containers on the delivery receipt. These could indicate a problem (shortage in the shipment, damage to the containers, or possible damage to the contents). The recipient cannot inspect the contents of the shipping containers until they sign for the shipment on the delivery receipt. Note: Notations like “subject to inspection” and “subject to recount” are not considered exceptions. Altrans is not responsible for hidden damage.

  1. Events Beyond Our Control

Altrans is not liable for loss, delays, mis-delivery, or non-delivery caused by:

  • The act, omission, or fault of the shipper, consignee, or consignor.
  • The nature of the shipment or a defect or inherent vice of the shipment itself.
  • Improper or insufficient packing, securing, or addressing of the package.
  • Acts of God; dangers of the air; public enemies; government authorities acting with real or apparent authority; legal authority; riots, strikes, or other local disputes; civil unrest; weather conditions; or mechanical delays of trucks or airplanes.
  1. Limitation of Liability


  1. Shipment Handling and Liability
  • Altrans reserves the right to inspect shipments for security purposes, but this is not mandatory. Similar inspections may be conducted by carriers or government agencies.
  • Due to the nature of the transportation industry, Altrans cannot guarantee pickup, transport, or delivery by a specific date or time. We are also not liable for any consequences of missed deadlines.
  • Altrans may choose to use alternate carriers or transportation methods and can select the route or deviate from what’s shown on the waybill.
  1. Declared Value and Liability Limits
  • To ensure proper coverage in case of loss or damage, you (the shipper) can declare a value for your shipment exceeding the standard $50 liability limit. This declared value must be noted on the waybill at the time of acceptance, and any additional fees (excess valuation charges) associated with the higher value must be paid. Refer to Altrans’s tariffs for details on these charges.
  • If you don’t declare a higher value, the maximum liability remains $50. There’s also a maximum declared value per shipment, and special limitations apply to items of extraordinary value.
  • Altrans reserves the right to refuse shipments with declared value if the packaging is deemed inadequate to protect the contents during normal transportation handling.
  1. Claims and Prohibited Items
  • To file a claim for lost, damaged, or delayed shipments, specific guidelines must be followed. These include reporting timelines and requirements for written notification. 
  • Altrans is not authorized to accept certain items for shipment, including hazardous materials, live animals, valuables exceeding declared value limits, and items requiring special handling (e.g., temperature control) without prior approval.
  • Transportation charges are based on the greater weight, either the gross weight or the dimensional weight, as calculated by Altrans.
  1. Shipment Costs and Additional Fees
  • We base transportation charges on the greater weight of your shipment, either its actual weight or its dimensional weight (calculated by multiplying length x width x height and dividing by a specific factor).
  1. Shipper Responsibilities and Legal Matters
  • You (the shipper) are responsible for all charges associated with this shipment, including any additional fees or penalties incurred due to violations of this agreement by you or the recipient.
  • Altrans reserves the right to hold your shipment until outstanding charges are paid.
  • Late payments will be subject to a late fee.
  • This contract is governed by the laws of Illinois, and any legal disputes arising from this agreement will be settled in Will County, Illinois.

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For questions about this waybill, please contact Altrans at (630) 243-4500.

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