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How large or small of a mailing would you review?
We will review mailings of any size as there are no set rules to determine savings for you or your customers. Contact us today for a free review of your mail data files.
No! We ship all sizes of packages and products. Contact us with your freight class or description for a quote.
We will review and ship any mail except First Class.
Yes, we can import and export Mail.dat files as well as provide some Postal documentation. If you do not have Mail.dat we can still review other files to provide you with an estimate.  
Yes, we prefer Mail.dat for accuracy, but we can still review other options to provide you with an estimate. Send us your PDF, Excel, csv files, etc. and we will provide you with a plan and estimate.
Yes, we can pick up from anywhere no matter the type of shipment. We also have liftgate services to pick up and drop off at the most difficult origin and delivery locations, including those without shipping docks.
Yes, we make sure the appointment for delivery has been made and is provided to the carrier.
If you do have the NMFC number, it will make moving your product quicker and make pricing more accurate. If you don’t know your freight class or NMFC number, just provide us with a description of the material and we will assist you with obtaining the number.
It’s as easy as sending an email, a chat via our website or making a phone call. We’re ready to help however you want to connect.
For a mailing, a Mail.dat file is preferred, but basic shipping details can be used as an alternative. For LTL/FTL shipping, we’ll need to know the quantity of pallets, weight and origin/destination zip codes. For larger shipments, knowing if the pallets can or can’t be stacked will be helpful as well in providing an accurate quote.
For larger mailers that have several pallets of mail for multiple destination postal facilities we can consolidate the mail to control the delivery and offer better overall postal savings. Is your mailing on the smaller side? Contact us. We have cost-savings options for you too.
Yes, we have full-service logistics and transportation options.
Yes, you can track delivery to USPS facilities via the Altrans website or via our self-serve freight portal.
When you only have a pallet, or several and not an entire truck load and your freight is combined with that of others onto one truck for a better rate.
Handling all the backend details of shipping and mailing from the loading dock until the final delivery.
Yes, we do offer guaranteed services, please contact us for specifics.

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